International Journal of Accounting, Finance and Risk Management

Special Issue

Construction Of Reform Platforms In Financial Terms For Countries After Covid-19

Submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
The aim of this special issue is to present the most advanced models and methods regarding the construction of financial reform platforms for countries after Covid-19 for a wider audience of scholars from all countries to give their contribution to the economic-financial development. The special issue includes applications of reform methods to generate new knowledge and shed new light on existing models and theories. In addition, researchers will be able to bring reform about digital economy and financial stability by helping countries, businesses, banks, financial institutions and households. Such an examination will help identify the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the post-covid-19 reforms. Therefore, researchers need to consider accounting, finance, and managerial risk.
Possible research topics include, but are not limited to:
Best accounting practices for businesses
Financial technology and new business reforms
Reforms for smart banking services
Audit reform
Innovations in financial and accounting intelligence
Risk management through financial reforms to personal finance, business finance and public finance
Financial reforms and social value
Reform between virtual and physical reality in the financial industry
Financial reforms in the insurance companies sector


  1. Entrepreneur (businesses)
  2. The banking sector
  3. he insurance companies’ sector
  4. Financial stability
  5. Risk of bankruptcy of business
  6. The public sector
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